Monday, 28 January 2013

"Patient at Risk for Pathologic Fracture"

There it is. The last sentence on the CT scan report. The sentence the doctor didn't mention. "A lesion in the right femoral neck places the patient at risk for pathologic fracture at this location."

Google explained to me that the femoral neck is the top of the thigh one, just before the ball (head) that fits into the pelvis at my hip. It is a pretty vulnerable spot, particularly in Ottawa during such a cold, icy winter.

I usually get up with my daughter and walk her to the school bus stop. The last few weeks I have become increasingly nervous about out our walk. The stop is only a few houses away. But there is so much ice on the road, and a bit on our front walk, to be honest. It is time to hand this job over to Geoff for a while. I hate to do that. He has taken on so much of the household tasks since I got sick. I like to let him sleep in a bit in the morning. But the risk is too great.

If I were to slip, the chance of the femoral neck snapping seems to be high. Surgery would be required to fix it, whether it is pinning the bone together or replacing it with a prosthesis (as in hip replacement surgery). I expect it would be more disabling than my previous pelvic fracture. Since reading the CT report, I've been feeling some pain deep in my hip. The Tamoxifen I'm on can cause bone pain. Or maybe it is in my head. Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill.

On Thursday, I see an orthopedist, and then next week, my radiation oncologist. They will be able to tell me more. Maybe the risk isn't as great as I fear. Perhaps Dr. M could use radiation to strengthen my bone. Having been off chemo since November, my bone marrow should be able to withstand the radiation. We'll see what they say.

But in the meantime, I think I best stay off the road.

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