Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Stage IV Snapshot: Broken Rib

Part of everyday life with bone mets is never knowing when a fracture is around the corner. I would have thought, at this time of year, my biggest risk would be slipping on the ice and breaking my hip. The actual culprit:

Yup, the dog. I was in bed yesterday when Mango came up and stood her front paws on my chest. A few hours later I noticed the pain. The good news is that the pain only lasts a few days. Ribs heal quickly enough. I know this because this isn't the first broken rib I've had since cancer came into my life, the last break was around Christmas. At the time, I blamed it on exertion while carrying the Kitchen Aid mixer up from the basement to make cookies.

This is life with Stage IV. Cookies, puppy kisses. Each risks a broken bone.


  1. Sorry to hear this! Big gentle hugs! My cat once stood on my abdomen and then I found out I had a massive internal infection. I think he set off the pain.

  2. Those Kitchen Aid mixers are heavy! I'm glad that your ribs heal quickly, but geeze, enough broken ribs already! More gentle hugs from the west...

  3. Oh my, I'm sorry to see who the culprit was. I hope things are healing quickly. Who would ever think a pup could be more 'treacherous' than ice this time of year? xx

    1. I know, Nancy! I just couldn't think what it could be besides Mango. She cuddles by me on the couch at night and looks so innocent. ~Kate