Saturday, 19 May 2012

I Guess I Should Have Known

Warning:  this is definitely a TMI (too much information) post.

I guess I should have noticed that when I shaved my armpits the other day there wasn't much to shave.  I can hardly see without my glasses, but I should have known.  And this morning I should have noticed that my leg hair stubble wasn't very long considering I hadn't shaved in a couple of days.  But I just figured it hadn't been so many days.  And yet, when I washed my hair this morning I was shocked that it fell out in my hands. 

I was actually planning to go to out for breakfast without a wig for the first time since the fall.  I thought that my hair was growing back really well.  I almost went for a trim when Geoff went to get his hair cut yesterday.  But I should have known.

I thought I wasn't having any side-effects from the switch in my chemo dose.  Remember, the doctor combined my Taxol into one "serving" rather than splitting it over the course of two weeks.  At first I thought that doubling up might give me greater side-effects like nausea or fatigue.  But nothing happened after chemo, so I thought I got off lucky.  I should have known.

I wonder how comfortable my wigs will be now that the warm weather is here?  I wish I wasn't going to find out.


  1. So don't wear a wig. Wear a pretty scarf or kerchief! You are beautiful no matter how much hair you have. I really, really wish they could devise some sort of "selective" hair loss medicine...I would love to go all summer without having to shave my legs or pits! I wish the bald look was more acceptable for women as it would be so much cooler here in the summer with no hair on my head. I was in a store with a/c problems yesterday and my head was sweating and I was so itchy. Hey, you could also look for one of those hats with the hair sewn around it, and then you would have the best of both worlds! Just don't let it get to you too much, and try to keep laughing as that laughter will scare the cancer away!! You're in my prayers, sweetie!!!

    1. Thanks Wendy. I've started to do that. Right now, I am wearing a batik bandana I got in St. Kitts. And I have a beautiful blue scarf that has a touch of coral. Lena wore it last night as a shawl. I'll wear it on my head. I also bought a great new sunhat: tan on one side, coral print on the other. It looks smashing with the front folded up just right. Thanks again for the prayers. ~K