Saturday, 2 June 2012

How I Wish a Good Attitude Was Enough

Today I was reading a blog post by Donna Peach about the importance of words.  Please read her post, titled "when words are most important."  It's a perspective you need to consider if you care about anyone with advanced cancer and you want to say the right thing.

Friends, you know I have Stage IV breast cancer.  That means that it has spread from my breast to other parts of my body, in my case my liver and bones.  All my bones.  It is a chronic disease and life-threatening.  The bottom line is that cancer that has metastasized is not curable. At least not yet.

As my oncologist said last week, even lethal levels of chemotherapy won't rid by body of cancer.  Obviously, keeping a good attitude won't cure my cancer either.

But it does make my life much easier to live. 

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