Friday, 1 June 2012

Check your Boobs -- a late May reminder

Oops!  I just realized that in May I forgot to send my monthly reminder to you all to "Check Your Boobs!"

I was on Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog.  Please read her recent post on sharing our cancer experience here.  It got me thinking and prompted me to comment about what motivated me to blog about my life with breast cancer.  All that reminded me that I'm here to give you that monthly reminder to check your breasts -- or your loved one's as the case may be.  If there's a lump or any other unusual sign, I want you to notice it and have your doctor check it out. 

My doctor's first sign was me complaining of abdominal pain.  The first test showed my liver riddled with tumours.  It freaked my doctors out, to be honest, which is unsettling to see.  I don't know if I'd still be here today if my GP, my gynecologist and my oncologist hadn't taken the steps they did to get me tested, seen and treated as quickly as possible.  I thank God for what they did.

Wouldn't it be better if you could catch this damn disease a little earlier?

If you don't know how to examine your breasts or what to look for -- 'cause it's not just lumps-- you can find useful information at the following sites:


  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog and the shout out. I have been thinking about you and your blog. Cancer sucks. But it brings out the best in us. It sounds like you are having all kinds of medical 'fun'. I got a little chuckle about your compression fracture due to osteoporosis. We are all so quick to say cancer when sometimes we get just normal medical ailments as well.

    I didn't wear my wig all the time and wore little cotton caps instead - much cooler. I think they were sleep caps.

    Stay in touch.

  2. Maureen commented on this to me the other day. I took it as a request to help her out :)