Thursday, 7 February 2013

Thank You For Being There With Me

Over the last couple of days, I have read a couple of blog posts about Stage IV cancer patients feeling abandoned by their friends, colleagues and even family who "can't handle" their cancer diagnosis. One of my favourite bloggers, Ann at "Breast Cancer? But Doctor... I Hate Pink" shares her very personal story in her post Abandonment is not a form of love. I've read of women with Stage IV cancer even feeling snubbed within the breast cancer community, like we are the wicked stepsister in a pink fairy tale. If you have come to this blog looking for guidance on that sort of situation, I can't really help you, other than to recommend you click on the link to Ann's post.

I feel compelled to write about the level of support I have received because it has truly been incredible, unexpected... even overwhelming.  Since I got sick, you have all been there for me:
  • the Bertolo cousins who phone me to see how I'm doing;
  • the teachers that filled our freezer to overflowing... twice;
  • the neighbour who loaned my her wig;
  • the second cousin I met online who emails to check on me if I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks;
  • my boss and coworker who have tried to crochet me back to health;
  • the coworkers that collected money to buy me a tablet to keep me connected at home;
  • my high school buddies that came to Ottawa for my birthday;
  • everyone who donated money to the Run for the Cure on behalf of me, Sweetie and the Bean;
  • the neighbour who looks after the Bean when my chemo and doctors appointments run late;
  • my brothers, who check up on me even though life has thrown then a lot of shit this past year;
  • my aunties and uncles who call, email me about cancer-fighting foods, and have masses said for me;
  • old friends sending me messages of support on Facebook;
  • the Bean's friends' moms who have invited her for playdates and offerred to take her any time we're in a bind;
  • neighbours and coworkers who gave us suppers and sweets last year when we were overwhelmed with all the appointments;
  • friends that visited me in the hospital;
  • friends that came to our house to make us pizza;
  • friends that sat with me during chemo, even though the Benedryl threatened to put me to sleep;
  • everyone who put up with incoherent emails and voicemails back when I was adjusting to the painkillers;
  • my sweet girl, who cut her hair for cancer wigs, and makes her own breakfast;
  • my Sweetheart, who does everything for me.
I am afraid that I am leaving someone out! Believe me, you're in my prayers. I am so grateful for the support I have received from everyone I know. I am carrying a heavy load with this diagnosis, but you have helped me every step of the way.

Thank you.

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