Sunday 15 December 2013

Now Mom Needs the Miracle

Last Tuesday evening, my mother fell down the stairs to the basement floor. She was taken by ambulance to the local hospital with a trauma centre. She couldn't feel or move her legs. Initially they thought she was in spinal shock, like a concussion but of the spinal cord. With this, ability can return. But it is no longer spinal shock. And she has a fracture in her neck (and several other places). There is also some level of paralysis in all four limbs as well as some of her breathing muscles. Her heart started to fail that first night and it was thought she needed a pacemaker to survive.

And that is what she wants, to survive. When we asked her of her resuscitation wishes she said clearly, "I want to live." When we explained we would live the rest of her life in a hospital, she didn't change her mind, she just asked for the treatments that were necessary.

Mom had a fall thirteen years ago on an escalator in the Milan train station. She was behind me and fell backwards. I panicked like a child and she told me to calm down, she was alright. And she was. A few bandaids later, she was insisting on carrying her own luggage again

This is what I am made of. Cancer, shmancer! Calm down. I'll carry my own baggage. I want to live.

But today, my mom is the one needing our prayers, needing a miracle. It is very hard to let God's will be done. Mostly because we don't know what it is. Many of you have been keeping me in your prayers. I am still stable. For the next while, would you please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers? Thank you very much.