About Kate

I was diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer in October 2011.  I was 45 years old, with a loving husband and a sweet eight year old daughter.  I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, a large city with an excellent cancer centre at the local hospital.

I was shocked by my diagnosis, and for a short while completely overwhelmed.  Thanks to God (literally), I was able to settle down and take a more balanced look at my future and the treatment I would receive.

Now that I have had a few months to cope with having breast cancer, I feel I have more to do to fight it off.  One think I think I need to do is improve breast cancer awareness by sharing my experience.  That's the point of this blog.  Whether you're a friend or family member here to keep up with my progress, or a breast cancer patient looking for information, wisdom or even a laugh, I hope I can help.

Contact me anytime, at jimsgirlblog at gmail dot com.


  1. This is powerful stuff, Katherine. Keep it up!

  2. I have breast cancer, I was diagnozed in May 2013 at 33 years old......I know how hard it is....I would love to hear someday from my doctor: cancer free for me too......

    1. That's just too young! But there is nothing fair about cancer, is there? I pray you will hear NED (no evidence of disease) soon, and for a long time. I'm hoping for "stable" on Wednesday. ~Kate

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