Wednesday 20 June 2012

Check Your Boobs! June Reminder

I know I've been on your case for six months to do monthly breast self-examinations, but I want to be honest with you, some breast cancer can't be found through self-examination.  A friend of mine told me hers was found during a scan for something else.  The lump was located in a spot where it couldn't be felt from the outside of the breast.  This is why regular mammograms are important.  Discuss with your doctor when you should begin these mammograms.  It could be at fifty.  It could be earlier, if you have a family history of breast cancer.

Another friend asked me what to look for when examining her breasts.  You'll find more information at the links below, but here are some of the signs that bear further investigation with your doctor:

  • of course, any lump or area of "fullness" in the breast or in the underarm area.-- my tumour was a large one that, when first found, felt just like a benign fullness I had on the other breast five years before.
  • any change in the size, shape or colour of the breast.
  • a change in the skin on the breast or nipple, including puckering, or rashes.
  • a change in the direction of the nipple.
  • new nipple discharge.
  • new pain that doesn't go away.

You might want to do the exam in the shower, and finish up in front of the mirror.  Lying down may also help you examine yourself effectively.  For more information on what your looking for, read the information from the American Cancer Society and National Breast Cancer Foundation below.  The links take you directly to the information on self-examination.

Please consult the following excellent sites:

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