Friday, 1 February 2013

Mackenzie King, My Orthopedic Surgeon

I still have a lot to learn about the medical system. For example, when I was told I would be seen by an orthopedist, I didn't realize he was a surgeon. Interesting guy. He introduced himself by way of saying that he loves operating. It's his thing. But... His mortgage is paid off. Bottom line of yesterday's appointment was, to paraphrase Mackenzie King, "surgery if necessary, but not necessarily surgery."

He explained that the CT wasn't sufficient to assess the risk I will fracture my leg. He sent me straight over for plain old x-rays of my pelvis and both femurs (thighbones). He will see me again in four weeks. In the meantime, I will see my radiation oncologist, and now she will have the benefit of the X-rays to decide whether to radiate. And, if my hip pain (which we all agreed could be psychosomatic) spikes, I'm to get on crutches and get to the hospital. Unlikely, I expect.


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