Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chemo Update: January 20, 2012

After having a chemo break on Friday the 13th of January, I started up again last Friday.  As usual, my first chemo session gives me all three drugs:  taxol, herceptin and pamidrinate.

This was a very usual chemo session.  Just me and Geoff and a few things to read.  And as usual, after the benedryl drip, which always precedes the taxol, I fell asleep.  Of course, I've been sleepy for a week or more.  We're not sure if it has to do with the levels on my pain pump.  In any case, the drowsiness has continued through the weekend.

I took zafron Friday and Saturday to prevent nausea, which it has, but it's usual side-effect of constipation has also been the result.  Let's hope that doesn't last too long.

I realize this isn't a very interesting post, but let me tell you, a chemo session with little to report is a good thing!

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