Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Wish Me Luck: Oncology Appointment & Test Results

Tomorrow I'm meeting with my oncologist.  At least, I hope it's my oncologist; often it's one of the GPs that assists him.  They are very good, but I want to see the big guy.  Particularly this time.  Last week I had an echocardiogram and a CT scan and I will have blood tests done just before the oncology appointment.  I really want my oncologist to give me the results, particularly if it means he's going to change my treatment plan.  As his nurse suggested at my last appointment, I will call her and remind her that I'd like to see the big guy; she'll do her best.

The echocardiogram was to check my heart health, because herceptin treatment is tough on the heart.  I know that the chemo treatment caused me to have high blood pressure, which is being treated effectively with metoprolol.  The CT scan looked at my breasts, abdomen and pelvis.  It should tell me the size of the breast and liver tumours.  I hope the CT scan will also tell us how well my broken pelvis is healing.  It's feeling better every day, as far as I can tell.  But I'd like a second opinion.  The blood tests, together with the others will decide whether I have chemo on Friday or not.  I need to have sufficiently good results in a number of areas, such as my blood count and calcium levels.

Like I said, my pelvis seems much improved, and I've told you that the breast tumour has shrunk quite a bit.  But I am worried about the one-month break from chemo as a result of my hospitalization in November.  I know that radiation was working on killing cancers in my lower spine and pelvis at that time, but how much was cancer growing in other areas over that period of time.  What will the CT results tell us?  Do I have less cancer or more?  Are my tumours bigger or smaller?  Are there new ones or did some disappear?

How much has chemo and radiation helped?  How much has prayer helped.  We'll never know, but there's time enough for a little more prayer before the appointment Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time.  Wish me luck, pray for me, whatever you're comfortable with.  And I'll let you know how it went as soon as I wrap my mind around it!


  1. Luck and prayers both are with you each and every day.

  2. Praying. Wishing. Hoping. Think about you everyday and so do a lot of my coworkers and FB friends. Sharing your journey with us all is appreciated.

  3. The litany of crap you're going through beggars belief. I'm glad that you're keeping us posted through FB and your blog. Your posts help all of us be there with you, hoping that you get better soon. Love you xxx

  4. Hi Kathy,

    I am the sister of John and Danita Chisholm. I am praying for you and your family. Know that there are many prayers being sent, some by complete strangers. In my personal experience, it has been very effective.

    My older brother's son was diagnosed with JMML, an extremely rare and almost always deadly form of leukemia, at the age of 5. The doctors told his parents to prepare for the worst as he was so ill. Now, at ten, he is a happy and healthy child, cancer free. I truly believe that the prayers that he received world wide - directly asking for a miracle to be visited on him - made the difference. I will always believe that. I will pray for the same for you.


  5. Welcome to the blog, Nancy. I appreciate your prayers. I agree they do help. This cancer has my praying for a miracle for myself for the first time -- because of what my survival will mean for my husband and daughter.

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