Monday, 2 January 2012

What I Need to Do Every Day

  • Take my medication:  at breakfast, lunch, 2:00, supper, 8:00 and bedtime.  It's easy to forget a few of them.
  • Take my temperature to be sure I don't have a fever again.
  • Walk with a walker, or in a tight space a cane.
  • Do my arms and leg exercises.  No weights.
  • Decide whether to wear a wig, a hat, a scarf or go commando.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Put on a LOT of skin cream.  Where I had radiation the on my back and pelvis is finally getting better, but my legs and scalp are still very, very dry.
  • Put on over-the-knee compression stockings to try to stem the swelling in my feet and calves.
  • Put my feet up for a few hours.
  • Check whether I'm due for the home-care nurse to put on a new cartridge of painkiller on my pain pump.
  • Each Friday:  have the home-care nurse change the PICC line cover that connects the IV to my left arm and bloodstream; change the tubing on my pain pump.
  • Pray.
  • Meditate and visualize my healing.  This is another thing that I've found harder to find time for.  If I leave if for the end of the day, I fall asleep before I get very far into it.  I need to make time for this.  Whether it works or not, it gives me a tremendous feeling of wellbeing and of being loved and cared for by this world and the next.


  1. you Can try virgin olive oil for the dry scalp. rub it on and don't rinse.It will help.

  2. Thanks, Jessica. We did that when the baby had cradle cap. It worked really well. I'll have to try it.