Tuesday 6 March 2012

Chemo Update: March 7, 2012

As you can tell by this late post, last Friday's chemo didn't go as well as some.  The actual session was normal.  This time, there were no delays in getting the medications.  As usual, I slept through half the session due to the Benedryl.

Saturday wasn't great though.  Around lunch time, I developed chills.  Serious, teeth-chattering chills, plus nausea.  One blanket wasn't working.  A second blanket didn't help.  Lena brought me a thermometer, but my temperature was normal. Geoff brought me a cup of hot apple cider and my Stematil (anti-nausea pills) and then I started to recover.

Sunday would have been a fine day, I expect, if I hadn't goofed.  I picked up my pill box the wrong way, so instead of taking my afternoon pills, I took my night time pills. Yeah, including my sleeping pill (Atavan).  So much for me making supper!  I didn't come too until 6:30.

Monday, the nausea returned as supper was cooking.  I took two Stematil and took to my bed!  Lena joined me at 8:00 for a cuddle.  Then, I got up at 9:00, just in time to watch my favourite mystery and make Lena's lunch before heading back to bed.

I'm hoping that's it for my reactions to Friday's chemo.  Remember, the doctor reduced the amount of Taxol and changed the steroid dosage too, all to improve my quality of life.  Well, compared to the weeks when I couldn't stomach anything, I am doing better.


  1. I was on FEC-T, the "T" Tacotere was for three cycles... and it was awful. Much worse than the FEC regime. I ended up getting sick, nauseous, in the hospital, needed blood transfusions.... uggghhhh.... I wish they would have made it T-FEC... that way I had the easier ones at the end instead of the beginning. BUT my oncologist tripled the length of the steroids, and that really helped! I was able to sorta ride the wave of awfulness, and by the times the steriods ran out, the taxotere/neulasta problems were on the down swing.... it is fascinating how they adjust, then adjust some more, and then fine-tune our "cocktails" so that the next time is better than the last (well... sorta)
    Have they told you how much longer you have to continue?

  2. Re-reading your blog... I remember the chills after the Taxotere.... I couldn't stop shaking.... My heart goes out to you... Well, all I can say is, although it was awful, it does get better... I know, I know, you don't wanna hear this cause I'm over it and you are right in the middle.... but... yeah, right now you're miserable and you have EVERY right to be!!!!!
    Hugs, Lucia
    p.s., I'm sick... I've had a bronchial infection that has now lasted for 5 WEEKS!!! I'm sick of being sick! So that is why I'm staying clear of you and haven't invited myself over for tea. Sorry.