Sunday 18 March 2012

Update: March 18, 2012

I never did give you an update on my March 9 chemo session.  Lena's March Break got in the way.  Short story anyway; it was fine.

I had an appointment with the oncologist on the 14th.  He was away, so one of the GPs saw and examined me.  She was very pleased with my progress since the last time she had seen me, several months back.  She even said I made her day.

We went over my prescriptions. She is in favour of weaning me off as many drugs as we can. We're starting with the blood pressure medication and one of the stomach medications. So far so good. I'll need to monitor my blood pressure. It had gotten to the point that it was even lower than me usual LOW blood pressure. Cutting the medication back by half should bring my blood pressure a little closer to normal -- and farther from "you better be careful standing up."

We also talked to her about when I could start driving again.  I feel pretty ready already, but figured I would spend some time in a parking lot practicing before hitting the road.  She disagreed.  In fact she was more conservative than Geoff.  She suggested a full month in the parking lot, including lots of practice getting in and out of the car.  She implied it could be a long time before I would be ready to drive the minivan.  I haven't driven it since we bought it, just a five minute test drive in October.  This doesn't make me happy.  I'm feeling stir crazy enough and look forward to more independence.

A CT scan has been scheduled for me for early April, so I expect I'll go over the results with the oncologist in a month's time.  I sure hope the scan will show further shrinkage in the liver tumours and stronger bones.  I'd appreciate your prayers and positive thoughts in advance of the CT. 

With Stage 4 breast cancer, I know the doctors can't cure me (yet).  So I'm looking for a miracle.  Your prayers and energy may make the difference for me.  Many thanks to you all.


  1. Just want to clarify to your readers that my interests in easing slowly into driving is concern, not control. With the fractures you've had to your pelvis and spine, I worry about you being able to respond quickly to emergency situations. I offered the doctor $5 to take my side and she ended up giving a $20 answer.

  2. She's certainly lucky to have you on her side, Geoff!

    Praying for you both!! Keep the faith!!

  3. Hi Kate,

    I don't know if I mentioned it to Geoff, but my Mom had stage 4, invasive ductal breast cancer nearly fourteen years ago. Those were the dark ages in terms of breast cancer treatment. My mom is in fantastic health today ... livin' la vida loca. You sounded a little grim about the prospects for full recovery and so I hope her experience gives you a little pick me up.

    I'm not a praying guy - but you got all my good vibes heading your way in anticipation of an excellent CT scan. Paul.

    1. Thanks, Paul, I didn't realize that. It does make me feel better.

    2. Thanks for sharing, Paul. I didn't realize your mom had stage four. I guess this must have happened after you moved out West? Again, thanks a lot - I can't tell you just how much hearing about your mom's experience helps us. (Safe travels, btw)

    3. My girlfriend Darlene had stage 4 breast cancer too, about 15 years ago, she was a mail lady, and now a supervisor for this district, so, postive thoughts and prayers are always with to you all, auntie Flo

  4. Cheryl's cousin in florida had stage 4 bone cancer.... that was 8 years ago... she's still doing very very well... so... prayers, possitive vibes, whatever, I'll send all your way! : )

  5. Cheryl's cousin in florida had stage 4 bone cancer.... that was 8 years ago... she's still doing very very well... so... prayers, possitive vibes, whatever, I'll send all your way! : )

  6. Your posts always have a positive outlook even after suffering from this condition. Thanks for sharing!
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