Saturday, 31 March 2012

Update: March 31, 2012

This last round of chemo (yesterday and the previous Friday) has gone quite well, with few side-effects.  Today, the only thing I can complain about is red, hot cheeks.  Yesterday's chemo went by so fast that I didn't even have time to sleep!

I forgot to tell you that a couple of weeks back I finally got into the Ottawa Hospital's Pain Clinic.  My wonderful pain nurse had referred me some time ago, I think back when I was having so much trouble with drowsiness.  I found it interesting that before being seen at the Pain Clinic you have to sign a fairly lengthy agreement to ensure your pain medication isn't abused or shared.

First we met with a nurse there, and then a doctor.  She told me that the NSAIDs are the preferred drug class for pain from bone metastases and prescribed Celebrex.  Quite quickly, I noticed it relieved the pain I've had in my mid-back since a disappointing trip to Red Lobster with the folks (a one-hour wait, mostly leaning against a window ledge, hence the mid-back pain).  Since I've been on the Celebrex, I guess for about 10 days now, I have noticed other pains.  One affects my arms and sometimes legs.  It's a weird pain, mostly like I need to move around.  It kept me up the other night.  I've also been feeling the liver tumours and the pain formerly known as my endometriosis pain.  Mysterious.  At the Pain Clinic, they see patients every week or two, so I'm back there pretty soon for a check-up and maybe and adjustment of my pain medications. 

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