Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Losing Your Hair Hurts

When my hair started to fall out again on Saturday it hurt emotionally.  Since my hair had started to regrow this winter, I was close to going wigless.  Saturday's discovery meant that one piece of normalcy in my life had been snatched from my grasp.

By Sunday, I experienced a new pain, on my scalp.  Various parts of my scalp were sore when hair moved or touched a pillow.  Today, before showering (and plugging the drain), I pulled off as much of my hair as I could.  It took a long time, about my limit for standing. And it hurt, particularly on the top of my head.  Washing my hair was awful.  I stood under the shower wincing, nearly whimpering, as the water hit my tender scalp.  And even more hair fell out, short little bits that I could tell were from the new growth -- little guys that were just getting their start in life.

Maybe by the fall, I'll be off chemo and my hair will grow back for good.  Until the next round of Taxol.

P.S.  We saw my oncologist today and in response to the hair loss and aches and pains (which I hadn't realized were Taxol related), he is going to reduce my dose for Friday's chemo.  He's always trying to balance my quality of life against getting the cancer under control.


  1. Kate,
    I remember that my scalp was so sore as my hair was falling out. Really sore! It's all such a shock and so much to deal with mentally, emotionally and physically. I'm sorry you're going through this.


  2. Thanks Brenda. While I still have hair falling out, it no longer hurts. I had it trimmed the other day, so it looks less scraggly where the hair hasn't yet fallen off. ~Kate

  3. Kate, I can emphasize with you. I'd be lost without my hair, yet it keeps falling out. I don't know how to stop it from falling. I believe the world needs to have better Breast Cancer Awareness and really know what the statistics are. I bought so much stuff when someone close to me passed away and now I am more aware then ever! Hope this finds you well. Have a great day!