Sunday, 6 May 2012

New Treatment Approaches for May

I went to the Pain Clinic on Tuesday, where they were able to check out my MRI results and let me know about the new compression fracture, which explained the pain in my back.  The Clinic gave me a new prescription. This time, for Naprosyn, aka Aleve, three times a day, with meals. I had stopped the Celebrex last month after it, paradoxically, made my joints feel swollen. The last straw was when my knees felt weak going down the stairs -- if I fall down the stairs now, I'll end up in a million pieces! I went back to ibuprofen until last week's appointment at the Clinic switched me over to Aleve. It took a couple of days to make a noticeable difference, but it's working now. It makes it much easier to get up of the couch to get another cup of tea!

Further to the April test results, on Wednesday, my oncologist has switched me to chemo once every three weeks. They had previously been splitting my dose of Taxol over two weeks. As of last Friday, I was given the full Taxol dose in one sitting.   I was a little concerned that my side-effects would be greater, but so far they have been minimal.  On Saturday, I had the standard moon face with hot, red cheeks.  My stomach felt a little iffy Friday night and Saturday night, so last night I took my Stematil.  I was expecting to feel quite tired today, more from Lena's marathon birthday party yesterday than from chemo, but I feel well.  I'm moving around well, without pain.  Feeling steady on my feet. 

I'm having one of those moments when I feel "like myself" and it feels good.

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